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Put the Excitement Back in Your Reports by Utilizing Business Intelligence

Most people can remember back to their school days, sitting at their desk, trying to write a great report.  Back then you wanted a good grade but, in business situations, reports are much more than just a good grade. Reports … Read the rest

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Using Your ERP and Business Intelligence for Better Planning

In November, if you are like most companies, you are busy planning for next year. Making sound business plans means starting with solid data. Your ERP holds a wealth of information that can be used to create more effective business … Read the rest

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Getting Ready for Year-End Reporting with Sage FAS

One big piece of your year-end reporting preparations is calculating fixed asset depreciation. Depreciation errors can cause financial reports to be incorrect and run the risk of failing to comply with regulatory requirements. Incorrect calculations can also result in overpayment … Read the rest

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Sage Document Management: Why Going Paperless is a Smart Decision

4 Reasons to Implement DocLink with Sage Software

The move towards a paperless workplace is huge right now. Recent mid-market surveys indicate that document management is ranked among the top five IT initiatives being undertaken. Why all the interest? We’ll … Read the rest

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Sage 100 Tips: Inventory, Payroll and More

We at Emerald TC want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Sage software. In addition to providing local support for your Sage software in Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, and other areas in the Southeast, we … Read the rest

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