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Hot New Technologies to Watch – and How They May Impact ERP

ERPERP (enterprise resource planning) continues to evolve and grow. Sage ERP offers many features, and new technologies on the horizon may someday be included among the features in your business’ ERP system.

Sage launched its first chatbot, “Peggy”, in 2016.  … Read the rest

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As the Baby Boomers’ Exit, Attract the Next Generation with ERP Mobile Solutions

AcumaticaIf you are finding it difficult to find younger workers to replace your retiring employee base, you are not alone. Millions of Baby Boomers will retire from the workplace over the next few years. Baby Boomers are the people who … Read the rest

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Put the Excitement Back in Your Reports by Utilizing Business Intelligence

BizNetMost people can remember back to their school days, sitting at their desk, trying to write a great report.  Back then you wanted a good grade but, in business situations, reports are much more than just a good grade. Reports … Read the rest

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How to Maximize Your ERP Software Investment

enterprise resource planningPutting Acumatica or Sage 100 to Work for You

Have you recently purchased new accounting or ERP software? Or are you in the process of making an ERP software purchase? Perhaps you just want to make better use of your … Read the rest

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Using Your ERP and Business Intelligence for Better Planning

business intelligenceIn November, if you are like most companies, you are busy planning for next year. Making sound business plans means starting with solid data. Your ERP holds a wealth of information that can be used to create more effective business … Read the rest

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How to Solve Cash Flow Problems with Your ERP Software

AcumaticaDid you know that your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you solve cash flow problems? Using the resources in your ERP more effectively, you can eliminate cash flow shortages and establish a strong cash flow that will allow … Read the rest

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3 More Ways CRM Systems Help You Succeed

X crm systemsIntegrate CRM Software with ERP for Even More Impact

Are you getting the full value out of your customer relationships management (CRM) system? Do you even have a CRM system yet?

Beyond the obvious benefits of making sales and marketing … Read the rest

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sage CRM

Integrate Customer Relationship Management with ERP for Greater Results

sage CRMSage CRM Integration Makes an Impact on Profitability

CRM, customer relationship management, systems are great tools to improve your business. ERP, enterprise resource plan, systems can streamline your operations. Working together, their impact is greatly increased.

The key for success … Read the rest

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cloud erp software

Cloud ERP Software Raises Customer Service Sky High

cloud erp softwareNow that mobile software has moved from being a novelty to being an expected part of web services, it’s time to make cloud ERP software part of your business strategy.

Every day, the world gets more mobile. As smartphone capabilities … Read the rest

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What ERP has in Common with the Super Bowl

After winning the Super Bowl 50 MVP award because of outstanding individual performance, Von Miller of the Denver Broncos was quick to give credit to his team for the win. He said that his stellar performance wouldn’t have been possible … Read the rest

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