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Put the Excitement Back in Your Reports by Utilizing Business Intelligence

BizNetMost people can remember back to their school days, sitting at their desk, trying to write a great report.  Back then you wanted a good grade but, in business situations, reports are much more than just a good grade. Reports … Read the rest

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Using Your ERP and Business Intelligence for Better Planning

business intelligenceIn November, if you are like most companies, you are busy planning for next year. Making sound business plans means starting with solid data. Your ERP holds a wealth of information that can be used to create more effective business … Read the rest

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Business Intelligence

Transform Your Data into Useful Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceHas your company jumped onto the business intelligence (BI) bandwagon yet? You probably hear it being talked about a lot. But is it just another buzzword and trend, or is it something your business really needs?

In fact, business intelligence … Read the rest

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The Answer to Obtaining the Business Information You Need

Business-IntelligenceHow much time are your employees spending digging through data to find the answers managers and executives need to make effective business decisions? If your business is like most, too much. Finding the information you need to guide your business … Read the rest

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