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Small Business Trends Include Cloud ERP Adoption

Cloud ERPAmong the many small business trends worth watching, the adoption of cloud ERP is one that we’ve been monitoring for a long time. Cloud ERP and cloud-based applications, in general, provide new and better ways to access and maintain company … Read the rest

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Can Assist with Budget Planning

Turn your budgeting cycle from a headache into a happy outcome with these tips.

Did you know that you can use the historical records from your Acumatica cloud ERP system to make the budgeting process less painful and more productive?… Read the rest

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Announces Great Updates

Acumatica cloud ERP has always been a customer favorite. Customers rave about its easy to use dashboard, accurate reports, and great features. Not one to rest on its laurels, however, Acumatica has made additional updates to its popular cloud ERP … Read the rest

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Warehouse Distribution Software or ERP: How to Choose

There are several similarities yet key differences between warehouse distribution software and ERP software. ERP, as you’re probably aware, stands for enterprise resource planning. It’s software that helps businesses manage multiple functions, and it’s considered a staple now of the … Read the rest

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Sales Tax Changes: Integrating Tax into Acumatica ERP and Sage 100 ERP

Tracking, monitoring, and recording sales tax by jurisdiction can be challenging. Taxes vary among states, counties, towns, and even items. They can change by year, with some items taxed temporarily to raise funds for a special local project and other … Read the rest

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Manufacturers Are Investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Should You?

Sage CRM, Sage 100 ERP, and Acumatica Cloud ERP Offer Many Benefits

Surveys indicate that only a small percentage of the nation’s manufacturers currently use CRM or customer relationship management. Given that number, any manufacturer adopting CRM has a distinct … Read the rest

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Acumatica 6.0 is Almost Here!

Acumatica 6Acumatica Cloud ERP offers flexible cloud and mobile technology with a unique licensing model. This ERP software solution is changing the way mid-size companies do business. Learn more about Acumatica Cloud ERP by downloading our whitepaper: Why Choose Acumatica?

We … Read the rest

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Cloud ERP Software Raises Customer Service Sky High

Now that mobile software has moved from being a novelty to being an expected part of web services, it’s time to make cloud ERP software part of your business strategy.

Every day, the world gets more mobile. As smartphone capabilities … Read the rest

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Acumatica Cloud ERP

4 Secrets for a Mobile Software Strategy That Works

Acumatica Cloud ERPMobility has become a necessity in today’s business world. Rather than just letting mobile usage in your company be a haphazard result of employees bringing their phones to work, be proactive with a mobile strategy that works.

Having an effective … Read the rest

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3 Ways CRM Systems Benefit Your Whole Company

sage crmCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not just for sales. If you have a legacy CRM system that does little more than manage the sales process, you aren’t getting the value a modern CRM system can provide.

The latest CRM … Read the rest

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