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Sage CRM: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Mistakes—everyone makes them. But when it comes to Sage CRM implementation and integration with Sage 100, the fewer mistakes that you make, the better. Although everyone makes mistakes, they do take the time to correct. That time could be … Read the rest

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Use Your Sage CRM Software for Customer Retention Strategies

Your Sage CRM software offers more than a convenient tool to reach out to customers. CRM stands for customer relationship management. True CRM includes acquisition as well as retention, the art of keeping customers loyal to your company. With the … Read the rest

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Manufacturers Are Investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Should You?

Sage CRM, Sage 100 ERP, and Acumatica Cloud ERP Offer Many Benefits

Surveys indicate that only a small percentage of the nation’s manufacturers currently use CRM or customer relationship management. Given that number, any manufacturer adopting CRM has a distinct … Read the rest

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Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard Gives You the Controls

Sage CRM offers many advanced features that help your company generate and track leads. One exceptional feature, however, is the Sage CRM interactive dashboard. The interactive dashboard puts the controls in your hands so that you can customize your dashboard … Read the rest

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The Forgotten Benefits of Adding a CRM Solution to Your Current ERP System

You have an ERP system you love, but you keep hearing about adding a CRM system.  You may be wondering why. You don’t need or want the typical “marketing only” system, and by marketing, they mean a push-marketing scenario where … Read the rest

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3 More Ways CRM Systems Help You Succeed

X crm systemsIntegrate CRM Software with ERP for Even More Impact

Are you getting the full value out of your customer relationships management (CRM) system? Do you even have a CRM system yet?

Beyond the obvious benefits of making sales and marketing … Read the rest

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Sage CRM Software Interactive Dashboards Appeal to All Learning Styles

Sage CRM softwareSage CRM Software includes a very important feature needed to leverage your customer and sales information—the interactive dashboard. Using this customizable tool, you can create personalized snapshots of information and tasks. Each dashboard can be customized with gadgets and reports … Read the rest

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