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3 Common Business Problems Solved by ERP Software

erp softwareNo matter how capable and efficient your business is, it still faces several common problems. Almost all businesses face these problems. They’re the kind that start small and seem innocent enough until they grow big enough to garner attention. And … Read the rest

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Make Enterprise Resource Planning a Reality

BizNetBizNet, Sage 100 and Acumatica Cloud ERP Offer Complete Solutions

Everywhere you turn these days it seems as if companies are talking about the importance of “seamless integration” among various systems during enterprise resource planning implementation. While it’s true that … Read the rest

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Choosing an ERP System: Three Important Questions to Ask

erp systemThere are three questions that manufacturers should consider when choosing an ERP system. Be sure to consider these three questions, and pursue solutions that satisfactorily answer them. There are specific needs in manufacturing when it comes to ERP systems. To … Read the rest

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As the Baby Boomers’ Exit, Attract the Next Generation with ERP Mobile Solutions

AcumaticaIf you are finding it difficult to find younger workers to replace your retiring employee base, you are not alone. Millions of Baby Boomers will retire from the workplace over the next few years. Baby Boomers are the people who … Read the rest

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How to Solve Cash Flow Problems with Your ERP Software

AcumaticaDid you know that your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you solve cash flow problems? Using the resources in your ERP more effectively, you can eliminate cash flow shortages and establish a strong cash flow that will allow … Read the rest

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sage CRM

Integrate Customer Relationship Management with ERP for Greater Results

sage CRMSage CRM Integration Makes an Impact on Profitability

CRM, customer relationship management, systems are great tools to improve your business. ERP, enterprise resource plan, systems can streamline your operations. Working together, their impact is greatly increased.

The key for success … Read the rest

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Business Intelligence

Transform Your Data into Useful Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceHas your company jumped onto the business intelligence (BI) bandwagon yet? You probably hear it being talked about a lot. But is it just another buzzword and trend, or is it something your business really needs?

In fact, business intelligence … Read the rest

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Is Your Enterprise Resource Planning System Safe from Phishing?

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system holds sensitive corporate information including customer data, employee records, financial statement and more. Given the importance of these data, taking action to secure it from phishing attempts is a critical piece of maintaining the … Read the rest

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